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MNC2, is a fully independent software development company committed to deliver best in class technology and solutions to support our customer’s business strategy and to successful organization of sports events. We strive to deliver the best solution generating a high return on investment, enabling growth, profitability and success. Our goal is to be the preferred software solution provider in the region for all businesses abroad and sports events worldwide with a reputation for concept leadership, deep industry experience, and quality of service.

Multicultural & experienced team.

MNC2 team comprises dynamic and knowledgeable professionals of diverse nationalities from France, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and other countries. Our people bring a high-level of skill and real world experience to bear on every project. MNC2 team brings a wealth of experience gained in the previous major sporting events. The team has not only great know-how in the organization and support of events operations but also experience working within multicultural teams. MNC2 has been involved in events taking place in Europe, America, Asia or Africa.

"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important." - Bill Gates


What we can offer to your project(s) or/and event(s)


We design and develop the most innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions for our customers. MNC2 delivers first class Games Management solutions such as SPACE, FootFanPal, SportFanPal, HMS, SOAR, FEAT.

Events Management

We provide overall program risk and contingency management, event strategy and organization structure definition, and overall program strategy, planning and implementation.

Audit & Consulting

We can assist with venue planning and the identification of appropriate strategy and solutions for network, accreditations, transportation, logistics, media information, results, on-screen results, and ticketing sales.

R & D

Key Focus Area, Open Source Technology, Development Platform, Large Scale & High Availability Architecture, Mobile technology and Tracking, Current Research, Digital Fan engagement, Artificial Intelligent (Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network)

"The Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow" - Edward Teller


Program Modeling
  • Partner Identification
    • Existing (Sales Partners or Subcontractors)
    • Identification of Partnership Needs (Cash and VIK)
  • Tasks, roles and responsibilities definition (What)
  • Integrated Project Planning Definition (When)
    • Program Phases
    • Projects
    • Deadlines
    • Risk Identification
  • Project Documentation Definition
Program Management
  • Installation of regular Steering Committee meetings.
  • PMO provides governance, oversight, and control at the Organizing Committee, Program, and project level through an office structure by applying project management disciplines
    • Cost Management
    • Scope Management
    • Risk, Issue and Assumption Management
    • Progress Monitoring
    • Communications Management
    • Resource Management
    • Quality Management
IT Program Governing Structure
  • Definition of Steering Committee Standing Orders & Installation of regular meetings.
  • Supporting the Event Organizer representative to chair the Steering Committee before, during and after regular meetings.
  • Provision of support in the creation of required “Ordre du Jour”, agenda and presentations for the meetings.
  • Coordinating creation and distribution of meeting minutes (Creation and provision of adequate template for minutes).
  • Proactive follow-up with actions and decisions made during the meetings.
Network Strategy
  • Network Architecture
    • International National Communications
    • Backbone
    • LAN
  • Network Management & Administration
    • Definition of Processes
    • Selection of solutions for Administration
  • Network Security
    • State of the Art approach for a secure environment
Partners Management

Manage compliance with all terms and conditions stipulated in the contracts with IT Providers.
Monitor subcontractors (including IT Providers) adherence to contractual agreements.
Confirm processes required to procure VIK products and services with each IT Partner.
Manage Partners and their role in the delivery of a fully integrated solution.
Operationalization of marketing contract
Evaluate the scope of service clauses in existing IT Partner contracts to determine which specific product categories will be provided by each IT Partner.
Resolve issues that arise with Partners and subcontractors (including IT Providers) regarding contract disputes, delivery problems, product defects, service requests (installation, maintenance, etc.), VIK balance discrepancies, scope of service, and other issues that may arise.

Event IT Program Scope

Definition of Program scope:
– Assistance in the definition of Business Requirements
– Ticketing
– Accreditations
– Stadium Access Control
– Media Requirements
– Volunteer Management
– Accommodation System
– Hospitality Management
– Venues definition and management
– Timing and Results
– Potential IT Solution Scope

IT Solution Budget

Development of a comprehensive baseline program budget.
Implementation of procedures to support vendor selection, purchase order, equipment tracking and invoice processing.
Tracking of actual spend and variances against the baseline budget.
Ad-hoc financial reporting.
Definition of partnership area of support and values
Oversee the definition of contracts with IT Providers (VIK and commercial IT Partners, and third party suppliers), including price negotiations, determination of in-scope products and services, and delivery schedules.

Event Operation Plan

The operational guide for each member of the event team involved in the operations support.
It will describe the operational hours, the teams, the tasks, the expected reports, the reference documents and the escalation procedures.
– Operation Plan for the Event Management Team
This plan will describe the roles and responsibilities of the Event Management Team and each of its members. It will particularly insist on the role of the Event Management team in the identification, qualification, communication and solution of a crisis situation.
– Crisis Management Plan
The purpose of this plan is to protect the image of the Event, the International Federation, the LOC and Commercial Affiliates by ensuring effective communication (above all with the media) as well as the efficient and expedient solution of any crisis.


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